How To Buy

Artists Collide

Video Tutorial


How To Buy

1) Click "Buy Blind Box" on the home page.

2) Click "ARTISTS COLLIDE" Blind Box

3) Click "Buy now" & Checkout

4) Use MetaMask to sign and complete the purchase

5) Done!

How To Open

1) Click "Open Your Box" on the home page.

2) Connect Your Wallet to MOVE Market and sign

3) Click "Open" on the Explore Page

4) Click "Open" and Sign to open the blind box

5)Click "EDIT" on your MetaMask

6)Edit the "Gas price" to 3 GWEI, save and confirm


How To Resell

1) Go to OpenSea and go to "My Profile"

2) Click on the toy NFT you'd like to sell

3) You will see that you are the owner of the NFT

4) Click "Sell" and edit the price in ETH

5) Click "Complete Listing" and sign to proceed

6) Done!